Ilyoung Chung

Ilyoung Chung
Research Director, Smartfactory Research
Session III : MAGIC is now needed for Smart Factory in the manufacturing industry

- Real-Time Database Project Site Leader, 13 Plants
- Logistics Part Leader for ERP Project, ORCLE & SAP
- Predictive Maintenance Project PM, SmartSignal EPI*Center/AREVA’ Empass-2000/Artesis’ Smart-CRM
- TOP(Total Operational Performance, Operational Excellence) Project PM
- Plant Process Optimization Project PM, 21 Plants Diagnosis & Analysis
(LDPE, HDPE, VCM, ECH, TDI, PVC, OA, CA, PA plastic agent)
- Smart Factory and TRIZ Training in Hanwha Chemical
- Smart Factory Consulting and Lecture, TRIZ & Design Thinking Training, Maintenance Management Strategy Training